Rent a Jacquet

Do you have a special occasion coming up soon where you just want to appear in a suit but know that you are not going to wear a jacquet often? Then renting a jacquet can definitely be a solution for you. After all, renting a jacquet is cheaper than having one made exactly to your measurements and buying it and then letting it hang in your closet. At Sir Anthony, you can rent a jacquet, including its accessories, for a friendly price.

What does a jacquet consist of?

A jacquet consists of a jacket, trousers, a tie and a shirt. The jacket of the jacquet is usually black but may be grey at weddings. The trousers are black/grey striped. With the jacquet, you wear a tie or plastron, a shirt with a horizontal collar and blind fastening or with a stand-up collar. With a jacquet, you always wear a shirt with a double cuff and, preferably, silver cufflinks. The colour of the vest, top hat, gloves and socks depends on the occasion and is often grey at weddings. The groom may also choose a patterned vest set and match the colours of the shirt, tie and vest to the colours worn by the bride. The lady accompanying the gentleman in jacquet will wear a suit or a long gown. With this, especially for a wedding, you can wear a hat and gloves.

When to rent a jacquet?

A jacquet is sometimes worn for a special occasion. A jacquet is only supposed to be worn during the day, such as when one of your close relatives or friends is getting married. A jacquet is also appropriate at official receptions or traditional funerals. New ambassadors who are going to present their credentials to the Queen also wear a jacquet. If you receive an invitation to a gathering, where the dress code is “morning suit,” it is desirable that you appear in a jacquet. At Sir Anthony, you can buy a jacquet, but also rent one. We are aware of the etiquette and will certainly advise you what is and is not appropriate for the occasion or when wearing a jacquet.

Sir Anthony: affordable occasion wear

In addition to renting a jacquet, you can also come to us for tuxedos and dress suits. In addition, we also offer these suits for sale, and grooms can also benefit from us at friendly prices. Experience it for yourself!

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