Rent a tuxedo

You are looking for a tuxedo because it must be for a special occasion, but you know you won’t wear it much, if at all, after that. You consider that a waste of your money. We understand that all too well because buying a tuxedo for one-time use and then leaving it hanging in your closet is a waste. Fortunately, we also rent out tuxedos. This saves you a lot of money and you can simply return the tuxedo to us.

When to rent a tuxedo?

Suppose you have graduated from high school and you have to attend the final gala. It is then desirable to come in gala attire and thus in a tuxedo. At that age, you are still growing and we understand that it would be a waste to buy your own tuxedo. Suppose you have a wedding and you never wear (parts of) a suit, then it would also be a waste to buy a complete tuxedo and leave it hanging in your closet. So in such situations, renting a tuxedo is really a godsend. Tuxedos are worn in the following cases:

  • at a gala;
  • at a wedding;
  • at a meeting whose invitation states “black tie.
  • at a graduation or promotion ceremony.

Tuxedo with matching accessories

A tuxedo consists of black pants with gallon (the piping on the side ), a black jacket with silk lapels, a white shirt and a matching bow tie. The shirt may have a knack, a stand-up collar, with a blind fastening. It may be of pleated or just smooth material. The bow tie may be pre-tied or it may be a self-tie. The necessary accessories for a tuxedo can be rented at Sir Anthony. This way you will have everything in one place and we will gladly advise you on what is and what is not allowed according to etiquette when wearing a tuxedo. This way you will go to the special occasion with confidence!

Also other occasion wear

In addition to tuxedos, you can also come to us for dress suits and wedding suits for the groom. For the ladies, you can also find tuxedos for ladies with slacks, long or short skirts, long gowns and cocktail dresses. We have suitable clothing for many special occasions, which we sell but also rent.

Rent your tuxedo from Sir Anthony

By renting a tuxedo, you save money. With that, you still don’t want to sacrifice quality and service. At Sir Anthony, you do not have to worry about that. We are a household name in Rotterdam and are happy to serve our customers. You can walk in without an appointment. On Sunday and Monday, we start at 11.00 am and on other days, 9.30 am. We close the store at 17.30.

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